Sometimes we’re caught in a world full of baits (Ukulele Chords)

       C                           G               Am             C

1. Sometimes we’re caught in a world full of baits

    F                   G                        C                   C7

Tempting us to live our lives contrary to Your aim,

                 F                       G 

But Your faithfulness and love and mercy

E7                   A

Always will remain;

          F                  Am                G - G7

Lord, turn us fully back to You again.


  C                                      G

Lord, our whole being we give to You


’Cause You have bought us with Your blood

      F                    G                 C

So we no longer live to ourselves,


But everyday our lives we live


To You alone, not to our own,

         F             G7                    C

Your glory, Lord, will then be shown.

      C                    G      Am             C

2. Sometimes we lean only on ourselves,

    F                     G                           C                      C7

Thinking we can do things without asking for Your help,

                 F                 G 

But Your Spirit in our spirit’s

              E7                         A

Working in and breaking through

          F                     Am                       G - G7

To free us from the “self” and back to You.

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