We Turn Our Hearts to You, Lord [Hymn Video with Lyrics]



1. We turn our hearts to You, Lord.
Make us all so true,
Blend our hearts together, make all things new.
As we turn away
From this earthly dross,
What was gain before we now count as loss.

Every day we find You living
In our spirit—the full supply;
How we’re blessed that
You are giving all You are to us in life.

2. As we set our mind
On You, living One,
In our spirit, Lord, we find we are one.
What was once our case
Seem to slip away
As we fellowship with You, we long to stay.

3. I would linger here
In Your presence, Lord;
How we find our hearts loving You more.
As we guard our hearts,
Keep them unto Thee,
Preserve us, Lord, for all eternity.

Lyrics/Music Sheet: NS536 - We turn our hearts to You, Lord  

Audio from [ Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing ] / by NWSCDs 

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