Remind Me Lord (DCYP)

Remind me Lord, the reason why I live and breathe;
Remind me Lord, that I’m a vessel for Your purpose.
Remind me Lord, that I can’t make it on my own.
Live through me, I pray.

Forgive me Lord, for seeking things apart from You.
Forgive me Lord, if I have left my first love for You.
Forgive me Lord, my taste for those things still remains!
Deal with this, I pray.

Sustain me Lord, to run this race, pursuing You.
Sustain me Lord, to cross the waters and possess You.
Sustain me Lord, to never cease from eating You!
Feed me every day!

I love You Lord, but teach me what it really means.
I love You Lord, e’en though it’s hard that I can’t see You.
I love You Lord, but I still want to love You more!
Lord, I just love You.

Chords: C G Am F (repeat)

Sang by: Dagupan City Young People (DCYP)
Recorded during the YP meeting on 12.3.2016

Credit: @0ptl

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