"Jumpology" Shots in Bohol

I really enjoyed our churching/blending trip in Bohol just right after the Working Saints Conference in Cebu City during the long weekend holidays last April 4-9, 2012.

We enjoyed the wondrous things / sites that the Lord hath done, blending with the brothers and sisters in Bohol, continuous hymn singing on the road trip, and automatic photo shoots :)), but the trip will not be complete without jump shots, right? We even have our own name for it: "Jumpology" shot! :)

Here are some BTS (behind-the-scenes) jump shot attempts, saved it as GIF to see it in action (hehehe):

Take 1:

Take 2:

After so much effort and practice..., finally!!!

Here's the group jumpshot:

Maybe next time, it'll be better if we have a better camera and more practice??!. haha!

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