None of self and All of Thee (H-435) Ukulele Version

I love the Lord and I love to sing hymns! Whenever I'm down or something happened and I wanted to turn to the Lord, I'll just listen or sing hymns and I will instantly feel better. Always.

When I recorded this hymn below, I'm just beginning to learn the ukulele. I need to practice. And practice. And practice some more!

This hymn speaks to us that in our daily experiences of the Lord, we should allow the Lord to increase in us and let the self decrease.  May we have spiritual progress until we reach the point that "none of self and all of Thee."

1 Oh, the bitter shame and sorrow,
That a time could ever be,
When I let the Savior’s pity
Plead in vain, and proudly answered,
All of self, and none of Thee,
All of self and none of Thee.

2 Yet He found me; I beheld Him
Bleeding on the cursed tree;
Heard Him pray, Forgive them, Father,
And my wistful heart said faintly,
Some of self, and some of Thee,
Some of self, and some of Thee.

3 Day by day His tender mercy,
Healing, helping, full and free,
Sweet and strong, and ah! so patient,
Brought me lower while I whispered,
Less of self, and more of Thee,
Less of self, and more of Thee.

4 Higher than the highest heavens,
Deeper than the deepest sea,
Lord, Thy love at last hath conquered;
Grant me now my heart’s petition,
None of self, and all of Thee,
None of self, and all of Thee.

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