Young People's Training in Iligan City 2009

I have joined the 2 weeks Young People's Training in Iligan City last April 13-24, 2009. It was my third time to join this kind of training in the Southern Philippines. Three more other young people from Dagupan went to this year's training: Bro. JM, Sis. Abbie and Sis Badet. I really thanked the Lord for His arrangement and sovereignty because I almost wasn't able to join the training. It's God's grace that I was able to join the training. And it was also His grace that carry us through the whole two weeks!

The training was composed of 3 main subjects. In the morning sessions, Basic Lessons on Life was discussed by Bro. Willie & Bro. Jim. In the afternoon sessions, it was all about the Campus Work, Fellowship with the Young People, Priorities for Singles, and RSG. In the evening sessions, it was about God's Salvation in Exodus. The messages were really very rich and enjoyable. I enjoyed all the messages. I was really enlightened through the messages in the training. The Lord is really speaking to the young people today. The Lord needs dispensational instruments that will carry out His desire, which is His building for His expression. The Lord really needs the young people today that would cooperate in His move. That's why the young people needs to be trained, be preserved and be useful to the Lord for His move in His propagation.

I will be posting soon all the things I have enjoyed in the messages aqnd also some of our experiences during the entire two weeks training. I will be also posting some of our pictures and videos. I haven't grabbed any pictures in friendster yet so there's no picture to be posted. hehehe. Hope I could post it soon. ^_^

That's all for now!

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