Tour of a Lifetime Part 14 - The Book of Job

Praise the Lord that many young people have been released to join the Tour of a Lifetime Part 14 in Baguio City last December 22-25, 2008. The conference was concerning the Book of Job. The book of Job is about God's purpose in dealing with His chosen people. God's purpose in dealing with us is to strip us of all things and to consume us so that we may gain God more and more.

There were 11 messages covered in the conference:
Message 1 - The Person of Job and His Trials
Message 2 - The Comparison Between JOb in the Old Testament and the Apostle Paul in the New Testament
Message 3 - Job and the Two Trees
Message 4 - The Great Question and the Great Answer
Message 5 - Two Kinds of Sufferings
Message 6 - Man Moving in God's Move and God Moving in Man's Move
Message 7 - The Practice of the Vital Groups
Message 8 - God's Intention with JOb - That a Good Man Become a God-man
Message 9 - God's Intention in His Appearing to Job
Message 10 - Gaining God to Be Transformed by God for the Purpose of God
Message 11 - God's Stripping and Consuming

I have already read twice the book of Job before the conference but I didn't understand it quite so well because of the poetic style of the debates of Job and his friends. But after the conference, I was enlightened. I was really enlightened about God's economy and His dealing with His chosen people.

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