Message 1 The Person of Job and His Trials

I. The subject of the book of Job - the purpose of God's dealing with His holy one is to strip us of all things so that we may gain God more and more.

God has a purpose in His dealing with His holy ones through His stripping of us. God had to find a way to strip off anything that hinders God to gain us. His stripping is for us to gain the Lord more and more. He is stripping us of all things but He is replacing us with Himself!

II. The trials of Job
Job's name means "hated" or persecuted, he suffered beacuse of Satan.. Job was perfect, upright, feared God and turned away from evil, but that was not good enough. God created us according to His image and likeness not merely to fear Him but to be filled with God so that we could express Him.

III. God's way of dealing with His people for them to gain Him more and more.
God's dealing on Job was not judgment but to strip him so that he could gain God more.

Everything that happens to us has a purpose and planned by God. It is sovereignly arranged by God. Many time, we may not understand what we are goin through, but the Lord knows best for us. We are under His care so we must always believe the Lord. We need to give thanks to the Lord not only for the good things but also for the "seemingly bad things".

God strips us with a purpose so that we could gain God more and more. He even used Satan purposely as an ugly tool so taht we would be stripped off of all things so that we may gain God more and more.

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